Hassan, and I had the privilege of attending our first TIA Conference in Orlando, Florida, in April. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us as we were thrilled to participate in such a large-scale event and represent Shine Logistics on a global platform. We were eager to learn and network throughout the conference.

The excitement began on the first day itself, as we had the opportunity to meet individuals from various sectors. There was an abundance of valuable knowledge for us to absorb. The conference featured numerous informative sessions, including topics like “Building a Carrier Selection Strategy,” “Tech Stack for Digital Freight Brokers,” “Dynamic Pricing,” and “Winning Communications Strategy for 3PL.” Hassan and I attended several of these sessions and gained a wealth of insights. We had the pleasure of connecting and engaging with representatives from technology companies, intermodal organizations, and other 3PL companies.

This conference served as an excellent platform for Shine Logistics, allowing us to showcase our growth as a company. Many of the individuals we met were either familiar with Shine Logistics and its remarkable progress over the past five years, or they expressed a keen interest in learning more about us. Representing Shine Logistics garnered us tremendous respect. Despite being a relatively small company, we were well-informed about all the vendors present at the exhibition. And we now have a clearer understanding of key industry players, and the industry, in turn, is more aware of our identity and the services we provide. In fact, we discovered that we had a complete tech stack of software, a feat that even larger companies were still striving to achieve. Overall, I consider myself fortunate to have had this opportunity to represent our company. I extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to our presence on the global stage.

Nick Madahar 

(CEO Shine Logistics)


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