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Take your earning potential to the next level by building a rewarding career as an 

independent freight broker in a leading freight agent-based 3pl company in the North America


Make Your Business Earnings Endless with Us

Our Service

We are an asset-based 3PL company that offers vast resources from offering support to strength and stability to our Agents. We believe in your success as we grow with our growth. To enhance your skills and to help our partners we provide special training for newcomers and also offer marketing services to independent freight brokers.

Our Technology

We own in-house TMS software connected with various best-in-class tools and advanced systems. These innovative tools enable our agents and independent partners to establish a bright future as freight brokerage in logistics. These tools help in load posting easily on different platforms through our proprietary TMS. We help at all the stages to shape the future.

Our Process

From providing demos to final onboarding, we provide personalized training to all our agents. We will help you to learn the operations of our in-house tools & software. Our independent agent broker programs can help you to work on your own terms. We prefer to work for the long-term success of every agent so that we could help you develop a strategy.

Our Support

With complete logistics and transportation services, we have the best solutions that ease the overall work of partners. Our back-end supporting team closely works with the partners in accessing the well-known brands. We support you in sales, lead generation programs, overall business support including invoicing, accounts & billing and much more.

Why Choose Shine's Freight Agent Program?

  • Access to advanced tools

  • Work from anywhere

  • Financial strength

  • Bi-weekly strength

  • Back-end support team

  • Training & marketing services

  • Competitive Commissions

Join a Community of Freight Agents Who Shine Like Stars with Shine

Rule on the logistics world by connecting with the right people backed by in-house advanced tools and systems.

Excellent Commissions

Not just commissions, Shine offer track & tracing, accounting services, compliance and documentation services without charging a single penny from their agents. So, all you need to do is to make the loads and just recline without any worry!

Supportive Environment

Our asset-based 3PL business is defined by our core ethics and values. From finding shippers to the right kind of carriers, we support every individual working or desire to work with us.

Dedicated Compliance Teams

Our dedicated team members understand the needs of our broker agents. Whether it’s the approval of shippers or carriers or filling the legal agreements, our compliance team works tirelessly to deliver top-class compliance services.

Accounting Services

We have an in-house accounting team that clears all the billing & accounting-related issues. Our accounting department is responsible for making the payments to the carriers and collecting the payments from the shippers and initiating your commissions on time.

Advanced TMS

Automate everything from quoting a load rate to getting commissions in your account without any delay. We are using industry-leading technology to make the TMS operations better and more user-friendly.

Connect to A Team with Over Two Decades of Experience in Logistics Services

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