Shine Logistics is deeply connected with its Carrier partners. We understand what the carrier needs.

When you haul a load for Shine Logistics, you can rest assured that you’ll be paid quickly and treated kindly. We’re well-known in the transportation industry as being a top choice for carriers to do business with, and our dedicated carrier relations department exists to ensure our carriers are consistently happy with our service.

Shine Logistics has a well-established reputation in the world of transportation for treating our carriers right. In an industry where third-party providers easily develop a bad rap among the carrier crowd, we pride ourselves in our reputation among truck drivers, carriers, and other logistics providers alike.

Benefits for Carriers:

Quality Freight

On average, we arrange over 1,000 shipments per day. This means we always have a wide variety of quality loads available to get your equipment back on the road.

Genuine Appreciation

We appreciate and recognize not only our contracted carriers but the trucking industry as a whole. Trucks are vital to both the success of our business and to the well-being of the entire world! Because we understand this, we treat our contracted carriers with respect and understanding.

Quick Pay

We know that you need to get paid fast in order to keep your equipment rolling. That’s why we offer three different payment options to suit your needs – quick pay in 3 business days, expedited pay in 10 business days, and regular pay in 24 business days.

Customer Service

We have a carrier relations department whose job is simply to serve you. Whether you have a question about getting set up, certain load, payment options, or you have any other question or concern, our team is there to help you.

Fuel Card Program

The Shine Fuel Card program offers members competitive discounts on fuel and more. Discounts on fuel at more than 1,400 fuel stations nationwide, including 750+ Pilot and Flying J locations.

Factoring Services

Shine Logistics provides financial solutions that meet your cash flow needs and help you grow your business. Same-day funding that instantly builds cash flow.

Save Time

Quickly bid and book loads. You want to move, not search. Real loads through email – our loads are never on any load board.

Set Your Own Rates

Provide a rate that works for you.

Run Your Lanes

We send you loads only for your preferred lanes.

Support 24/7

Get personalized assistance anytime, anywhere.

We’re always looking for reliable carriers to join our network of more than 70,000 strong. Learn More About How We Can Help You