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Full truck load

Full Truck Load (FTL) services is our strong hold and is the larger part of the core business. Our access to truck capacity (vans & reefers) from over 55,000 qualified carriers daily will assist your high volume and high-capacity needs. We ensure that our carriers are licensed , insured, and meet FMCSA standards to guarantee safe service.

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For high value and temperature sensitive items. Set temperature according to your product requirements. Our selected equipment, offer the most protection for extreme heat or cold, for transporting in summer or winter. Temperature graph print-outs can be obtained. Carrier companies are vetted for the reefer breakdown insurance to ensure the liability of the cargo.

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With our advanced TMS system, we provide online booking and quote system from multiple carriers. Shipment tracking is done in real time. We have guaranteed and expedited delivery capabilities. The most cost-efficient way to ship your larger-than-parcels items without the cost of a full trailer . Regional, interregional, and long-haul freight service, all with one pickup.

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Flatbed Trucking

We deliver carefully engineered flatbed trucking solutions with that help of advanced logistics technology. The logistics experts will map a route that ensure the most efficient transport of your inventory including permits and escorts wherever necessary.

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We coordinate efficiently with customers to ensure the smooth delivery and return of containers, resulting in cost savings and better customer satisfaction.

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Power Only

Power-only service allows you to enhance your existing operations without significant disruption by pairing your company owned trailers with the power capacity. With access to more than 10,000 carriers with power only capacity. We specifically engage them for your company owned trailer. We specialize in trailer transit program as well.

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Our rail freight brokers work with an expansive network of insured rail carriers, assuring us to broker the best deals on domestic rail freight. Our agents will handle all aspects of rail intermodal, from container to rail to delivery location.

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Cross Border Logistics

Our brokers can facilitate every step of the US-Canada cross-border process, from sourcing carriers to coordinating with customs brokers on your behalf.

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We are Air and Ocean based freight that ensures delivering products within finite time intervals. Our freight services maintain integrity. Your products are our priority.

Why US?

  • Expertise to handle all your transportation needs.
  • Expertise to handle all shipment types (LTL, FTL, intermodal, expedited, dedicated).
  • We find reliable trucks fast and at the best rate.
  • We screen carriers to verify authority insurance, performance and safety records.
  • Loads are tracked from pickup to delivery and keep clients updated on the status.
  • Top quality management who understand your business process, goals, and requirements.
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" Process We Follow "

  • We do the risk assessment and      verification on carrier thoroughly.

  • Assign the most reliable carrier on loads      and setting expectations correctly      before booking loads.

  • Setting appointments to make sure      timely pickup and delivery.

  • Track the load from pickup to drop off      through our latest tracking technology.

  • Update client on the load status and      ETA's.

  • Collect signed BOL and POD from      carrier and share the same with client at      the time of billing.

  • Take feedback from the client and the      carriers.


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