Dispatch Services

Shine Truck Dispatch Services for Professional Owner Operators & Truckers
Shine Truck Dispatch arranges professional truck dispatch services for owner operators & truckers who are tired of wasting their time & energy on cheap freight.

Shine Truck Dispatch is about Reliability – the cornerstone of any strong business partnership. If you are looking for a Freight Broker or Truck Dispatcher you need a reliable partner, especially if you are an Independent Trucker or Owner Operator.

The Shine Truck Dispatch team will monitor and coordinate the movements of your trucks and freight. We use the latest technology to maintain your detailed freight records, activity logs, and financial documentation for your truck loads.

Bottom line, our truck dispatch services help save trucker’s time & money.

Shine Truck Dispatch is open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year to support your business.

Shine Truck Dispatch team can support you in English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu or Punjabi.

Advantages of Choosing Our Dispatching Services

  • Loads for all Equipment Types
  • We Find You the Best Top Paying Loads
  • We manage all of Your Paperwork
  • We Get You Paid Same Day
  • Pick-up & Delivery Appointments
  • Invoicing and Free Credit Checks
  • We run credit on all Brokers and shippers
  • We help you with carrier set up and email/fax all necessary paperwork
  • We send you copies of all rate confirmations
  • We Keep track of all your loads miles
  • We Assist with Payment Collection
  • We Invoice Brokers or Factoring Company
  • We help with Road Assistance and Direction.
  • We handle Fuel Advance and Quick Pays requests for you
  • We provide Weather Alerts
  • 24 hour roadside assistance and emergency support for you
Why Shine Dispatching?
  • Competitive Dispatch Rates and No Contracts
  • Reliable Business Partner
  • Worry Free Freight
  • Personalized Service
  • Experienced and Dedicated Dispatch Manager

To subscribe to Shine Truck Dispatch services, simply fill up our easy form below. And if you need help with the form, just call us on the Shine Truck Dispatch Toll Free Helpline 916-290-9343.